KAZ Automated Torches

The first fully automated all copper torch. A self contained torch system with all the gas and ignition controls built into the torch head. No more funny control boxes exposed on the ground. Built in Hawaii, home of the original outdoor torch.

The automated torch came about when realizing the need for a automated torch with all the controls built into the torch head. The traditional method for igniting and sustaining a flame on a torch, is to manually turn on the gas valve, apply a flame to the top of the orifice where gas is flowing and start the flame. If the wind extinguishes the flame, the torch will remain extinguished but propane or natural gas will continue to flow out of the orifice, creating a very dangerous potential for gas buildup.

Our fully automated torch has all valves, ignition controls and ignition processing boards built into the unit. The torch automatically opens the gas valve, ignites the flame and sustains it even in severe rain or wind conditions. If the flame extinguishes, the torch shuts down the gas flow and calculates a re-strike procedure. The torch then re-sequences the operation by opening the gas valve and re-igniting the gas flow.

All of these features are conveniently housed inside the traditional torch head, which is supplied with 24v power to initiate and sustain its operation. Unlike other torches which have the controls separate from the torch and in a box at the base of the torch, ours is all self contained.