Quality and Craftsmanship

Made of the highest quality materials available. Our fire effects are designed to withstand the test of time, aging beautifully to create that sought after patina which torches are so known for. The Kaz-TT is made of the finest copper for the exterior, while focusing on the most stringent tolerances and specifications on the inside. Stainless steel interior components are mated together using the most technical procedures to insure proper mating of materials.

Our proprietary ignition control module is designed to withstand the extreme heat and elements, to insure consistency in the ignition and relight procedure. The ignition electrode is made of the highest quality alloys. The ignition is solid state and will not be compromised by the elements.

The Kaz-TT is a pinnacle of fine engineering and Patent pending design. Please pay special attention to the finished quality that is shown in the enlarged photos to the right.

  • Components made of copper, brass, stainless steel, and non-rusting alloy. - "No Rusty Parts!"
  • Adjustable Flame
  • Leaves no soot - "Great for green living!"
  • Made for extreme weather conditions - "Flame remains lit!"
  • Fuel Efficient - "Cuts up to 50% gas consumption when compared to conventional torches!"
  • All the electronics are contained inside the welded torch head, operated on 24VAC
  • The torch head is precisely stamped out of the best quality copper and all internal components are CNC machined.
  • We ship to any location, fully assembled and ready for install.
  • We offer full installation and maintenance locally.
  • All torchs and other fire effects can be remotely operated.
  • Speaker torch head stereo optional.
  • US and European craftsmanship.

Photos :

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