Performance - KAZ Fire Effects

  • Offer 7 Styles of Automated Torches
  • Gas turns On/Off Automatically
  • Automated ignition, safe from distance no contact ignition
  • Automated gas valve shuts off in the event of no flame (Flame Sensing)
  • Wind Proof - If wind blows flame out, torch will turn off gas and go into relight cycle
  • No control boxes, all controls are housed in torch head
  • Made of solid copper construction with wind suppressing collar, for a true look and feel of a traditional Hawaiian torch
  • Fit and finish, screwless design
  • Heat isolation between collar and cone, prevents extreme temperature build up at cone
  • Remote control option, speaker in torch option
  • Torch head precisely stamped and all inside components CNC Machined
  • Very high Quality in assembly process produces outstanding, consistent performance resulting in total customer satisfaction
  • Quality guarantee with up to a 3 year warranty

Conventional Torches

  • Gas must be turned on/off manually
  • Must be Ignited manually, risking close contact with flame and gas build up explosion
  • If flame goes out, gas will continue flowing, causing a huge waste of gas
  • If wind blows off flame, flame stays off

Other Automated Torches

  • All controls housed in control box that lays on ground
  • No windsuppression, hollow head
  • Ugly exposed screws and hardware
  • Torch head unproportional - non hawaiian style
  • Collar transmits heat to cone, making it a burn hazard

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