KAZ Automated Fire Effects

Welcome to KAZ Automated Fire Effects. Your source for a wide range of outdoor automated fire effects ranging from torches, fire bowls, and fire pits to custom designed effects that add a warm tropical feel to any location .

KAZ is proud to introduce the first, one of a kind, automated fire effect products... a patent-pending, remote controlled fire effect product available in 7 unique styles of torches, including our newly designed speaker torches, a variety of fire bowl and fire pits, or a custom designed fire feature.

Any order of 50 torches or more includes a complementary gift of your choice. Please contact our sales department.

Quality :

"Please pay very close attention to the finish, quality, the fit, and function of our units. This attention to detail and their exquisite glow is sure to bring beauty to your backyard. They reflect a high custom standard of living which will keep your friends in awe!"

Visit our QUALITY PAGE where you can see hi-res photos of the fit and finish on our torches!

Mission Statement:

KAZ Fire Effect's goal is to provide the best fire effect products on the market by implementing very strict, consistent technology and quality into the assembly process resulting in total customer satisfaction, outstanding safety and performance, and up to a 3 year warranty.

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Fire Pit
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Fire Pit
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